VIP Preferred Client Program

Do You Own A Local Buisness? 

Join our VIP Preferred Client Program!

We are growing our local benefits program for our clients and other people in your neighbourhood. By providing an offer to post in their benefits page, you will be advertising and driving more traffic to your business. The posting is free of charge and we would be happy to provide cards for you and your staff as well. As we refer clients to your business, we ask that you do the same and refer clients to us.


  • Exposure to client network

  • No cost or fees

  • Build business referrals

Recommended Offers

  • “Special Rate”

  • $ or % Off Service/Charge

  • Free Gift/Added Service

What’s Needed:

  • Your Company Information/Logo

  • Description of your offer plus any terms & conditions.

  • How to redeem the offer (Simply showing the card is recommended)

The success of this program is heavily dependent upon our business partners. It is imperative that you and your staff are trained on how to respond when a client contacts your business abuut redeeming the specia you choose to offer! There is currently no charge to participate in the program, we are simply looking for a way to connect clients with local businesses. Cards will be distributed throughout your surrounding area. Card Holders will download an app and present the card or the screen to your staff at point of sale to redeem your offer. You can change your offer at anytime by contacting us.

Call us today at 912-324-2599 or e-mail marketing@mathisgroupusa.com for more information or to get signed up.